A reason is the team to whom a campaign donation is made.

How to Create a Reason

Click on Add New>Reason

How to Fill Reason Fields 

Search global donor

You can search for a name from our G list by entering the individual’s phone number in the search bar.

Reason #

This field is used to fill in the team’s online/phone campaign extension 

Parent reason

A parent reason is a team category that can be created. Individual teams can be linked to the category, i.e. and age group, a particular city, a shul


In order for the reason to show up under a specific online/phone campaign, link the reason to your campaign by filling in this field. 


Refers to the team’s campaign goal 


When a donor contributes to a team, the email address entered in this field will be copied to receive an email receipt.

Reason Features

  1. Reasons are used for online/phone campaign teams

  2. Each reason can be connected to a different bank account. Donations are deposited in the account linked to the transaction’s reason.

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